Meet our Team

Alfred YU, Co-founder, CEO

More than 20 years of industrial technical background and project management experience. Familiar with the processes of various power facilities. Familiar with petrochemical, metallurgy, power transmission and transformation industry technology. Experienced at designing mining facilities including containers designed for unique environments and Whatsminer repair certification.

Will lngenthron, Co-founder, COO

Over 14 years of power facility development experience focused on Alberta’s regional regulatory framework, permitting and economic modelling. Projects totaling ~3 GW of generation interconnected via transmission, distribution and behind the fence wind, solar and gas facilities. Founding member of the Saskatchewan Blockchain Association.

Cody Vogt, Co-founder, CTO

More than 16 years working in Land Surveying, primarily working on Oil & Gas, Utility and Construction projects throughout Western Canada. Full time c# developer for 6 years developing Desktop/Web/Automation applications. Proficient in .Net Core, asp.Net, Blazor, Sql, python and C# among others. Mining crypto currency with ASICs/GPUs since 2017, building running and maintaining several small miners. Founding member of the Saskatchewan Blockchain Association and key individual participating in the local Bitcoin community.

Andrew Hao, Repair DEPT Supervisor

Whatsminer repair expert with certificate issued by Whatsminer. Over 10 years of experience in electrical and electronic repair. Nearly 20 years of experience in low current system and computer hardware.