The main personnel of our O&M team have more than 5 years of experience and provide customers with 24*7 operation and maintenance services.

Our clients including stock market listed companies, cloud mining companies and crypto mining funds, etc.

We are familiar with air cooling, immersion cooling systems, most popular miners such as Antminer, Whatsminer, etc. For Whatsminer, we provide an additional 14 working days repair service (repair hashboard is billed separately)

Routine Inspection

Hashrate inspection

  • Check the hashrate every two hours through the batch management software scan Tools or login to websites of corresponding mining pools. scan Tools can set mining workers in batch and view real-time hashrate and temperature.
  • Regularly check the miner working information for possible errors or omissions, the information of the main mining pool as well as other two spare pools should all be complete.
  • Check miner indicators every day and take measures in case of red(fault) light.
  • If the miners with abnormal hashrate are found, the problems should be confirmed and resolved in time. Onsite repair including replacement of fans, PSUs, etc. If the problems cannot be resolved onsite, go off the shelf for repairment.

Power inspection

  • Use multimeter every day to check whether the voltage of miner PDU socket is within the normal range.
  • Check three-phase current meter in power distribution cabinet every day.
  • Regularly check whether the miners have electric leakage.
  • Regularly check the ground wire of farm shelf and miner socket.
  • Regularly check the aging of wires and cables, use infrared thermometer to check the temperature of breaker, cables, copper flat cables and connectors.
  • The mining farm should avoid frequent power outage.

Network inspection

  • Regularly check the spare network on the router or the laptop connected to the spare network.
  • Check the temperature of network equipment every day.
  • Check whether the CAT cable is damaged, out of service or abnormally overheated.

Environment inspection

  • Check the running status of fan every day.
  • Check the temperature of the miner air inlet every day and try to control it between 10℃ to 25℃, and the humidity near the miner air inlet every day.
  • Check the water curtain (If there is) every day for abnormal water leakage to the ground inside the farm, whether the water flows evenly and whether it’s blocked.
  • In the area extremely cold in winter, the heating fan should be turned on in time.
  • Regularly check the miners for dust every month, or replace the filters (If there is).
  • Prevent rains or water drifting in farms to damage miners, especially the doorway and some unclosed areas.