Under Warranty

The following are the only official avenues for warranty:
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Out of Warranty

  1. Send email to support@bithouse.ca . The email needs to include the number, model and fault description of the miners/hash boards that needs to be repaired.
  2. We typically respond within 1 business day. We will email you a quote for what you need to repair with approximate repair time, and our packaging best practices guide. If you approve the quote we will send our service agreement for you to digitally sign via Docusign. We do not accept any equipment without a repair agreement.
  3. All deliveries are inspected for signs of damage during shipment before we take custody of equipment. We will contact you before accepting delivery if there appears to be any damage from shipping.
  4. A unique QR code and Asset ID will be applied to each of your ASIC miners. We will scan each machine into our system and update the status to ‘Received’. You can check the status of your equipment by logging in to your account. (The repair management system is under development, this article will take effect after the system goes online)
  5. We disassemble each machine and clean the hash boards with compressed air. The boards are each asset tagged and associated with the machine they arrived with.
  6. We visually inspect each hash board for damage to the components and areas of the board that are most commonly damaged. Any components that are visually damaged will be noted in the repair ticket.
  7. We test each hash board to determine how many chips are found and if any are defective. Results are recorded in the repair ticket for you to review.
  8. Each hash board is tested for a minimum of 2 hours aging test and hash rates are recorded in the repair ticket. Our tests are in a miner with original control board not just a test jig.
  9. When repairs are completed, we will place a fragile label on the repaired equipment. Any device damaged by the frangible sticker is no longer eligible for the warranty period.
  10. Device that has been repaired by us has a 14-day warranty, which is counted from the day the customer receives the repaired equipment.